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September 25, 2023


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Editorial Policy

CloutBase is a student-led journalism initiative that strives to broaden our viewpoint, create a forum for discussion, and give our global peers a voice. The editors maintain the right to make editorial choices and modifications to the content (with the final decision assigned to the Editorial Team). Submissions are encouraged, but publishing on the platform is not assured. The Editorial Team reserves the right to choose parameters based on timeliness, relevance, balance, and significance.

  • Balance: We prioritize entries that bring balance by opposing current biases in media narratives and providing unique viewpoints on a wide range of problems or events.
  • Timeliness: Contributions that fulfill our criteria will be published on CloutBase within a week of receipt. Trending internet stories may become available on our platform.
  • Relevance: Contributions are not limited to student activities but may also include significant national or global events.
  • Significance: The Editorial Team has the right to choose appropriate articles or contributions (in other formats) that will be of information value and benefit to our users. Members of the Editorial Team may also submit articles that adhere to the editorial policy.

Online Content

The Editorial Team and the Social Media Unit are responsible for the upkeep of the CloutBase platform and social media handles, respectively. We use the guidelines to verify that all posted information is assigned to the appropriate categories and is objective, unless it is clearly labeled “Opinion,” “Op-Ed,” or “Editorial.” In this case, we want to highlight that the content of such stories is solely the writer’s reflection, not that of The Editorial Team. The formats will adhere to the standards outlined in the call for submissions. We welcome content shares and reposts with prior permission from the Editorial Team or a link back to CloutBase.

Pitching Stories

Inquiries about planned or ongoing events should be sent to our Editorial Team. CloutBase stresses the story’s human interest value, as well as unusual, trendy, and exciting features that set it apart from other entertainment articles.

Code of Ethics

CloutBase will not break from the worldwide ethical principles that govern journalistic aspirations and obligations. We place a premium on factual information and value contributions that are free of provocative, immoral, blasphemous, offensive, deceptive, or discriminating content. We strongly ask our contributors to avoid making libellous, defamatory, or illegal claims, as well as using vulgar language or making insulting references to religion, race, sex, or gender.

Editorial Autonomy

To preserve public interest and ethical imperatives in journalistic undertakings, the CloutBase platform/magazine retains editorial content accountability. For our activities, we welcome donations, grants, financial support, and sponsorships from individuals and organizations. However, we separate the methods for news coverage decisions and revenue sources. Acceptance of financial assistance or donation does not imply or explicitly promote donors or their products, services, or opinions. Our editorial operations and news judgements are made independently by the editorial team, with no assistance from donors. Donations to fund coverage of specific global issues may be considered by our Editorial Team. We would like to reiterate that we will never relinquish our right to evaluate or influence editorial content, nor will we allow illegal dissemination of our products. We accept anonymous donations to support our operations only if it is evident that the donation is not intended to influence our work or to evade our editorial policies.

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